Configure The $178,000 Rezvani Tank To Be The Hemi-Powered Jeep Wrangler You Dream About

Would you like a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited? With a 6.4-liter 500 HP V8? Do you somehow need protection from assault rifles, a thermal vision imaging system and a nice copper paint job on bodywork that looks like the crumpled up ball the artist should have made out his rendering of the Rezvani Tank?


Then you’re in luck, because now all of those options—and more—are accessible to you in the super convenient Rezvani Tank configurator. Do you plan to go off-road, or EXTREME off-road? Do you need to be able to hose down the interior to wash out all of the coke residue, or would you rather option leather?

Click here to go figure it out.

Whatever you decide, there’s still no delete option for the classic Jeep logo imprinted on the top of the windshield. After all, none of us can escape our past.

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