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Conan Visits Air Base In Qatar, Gets Nipple Rubs And A Mauling

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Conan O’Brien got the opportunity last fall to visit American troops at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, with First Lady Michelle Obama. What happened next was nothing short of hilarious. Dubbed Mission Conan, the sentient marshmallow-carrot combo roasted the Navy, got taken down by a military dog, and came up with many “alternative uses” for Explosive Ordinance Disposal’s wild inventory of tools.

Conan gets the grand tour of Al Udeid’s EOD headquarters:

Conan “intimately” meets a military working dog team:

Conan entertains the troops, and points out how everything looks like sand at Al Udeid:


Conan makes new rules for alcohol consumption and porn on base and roasts the Navy:


Here’s Conan talking about past experiences entertaining the troops overseas and especially what it was like landing and taking off from an aircraft carrier:

I really wonder why they just don’t send Conan to war, proper. He looks like the finest well-honed fighting machine. Maybe.

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