Compressed-Air Power: MDI Car Closer to Production

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The perpetual-motion machine may be eons away, but the the first commercially viable car to run on compressed air may be at hand. The brainchild of French inventor Guy N gre, the MDI, which we first reported on in 2005, employs a novel system of compressed air tanks and an internal-combustion support engine that can either power the minicar or compress the air used in its tanks. The urban runabouts, which come in a number of configurations, are built from fiberglass over a tubular chassis. MDI plans to offer them with a host of information systems that interface with the car's inner workings and provide connectivity to the internet and other systems as well as digi entertainment. A new partnership with India's Tata motors — the country's largest carmaker — may mean MDIs could show up en masse soon. Maybe even this very decade.

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