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Commie Killing Pickup Spied On Set Of Red Dawn Remake

Illustration for article titled Commie Killing Pickup Spied On Set Of emRed Dawn/em Remake

Communist forces are invading America (again) and this is the pickup that’s going to stop them. Spied on the set of the new Red Dawn remake, this Dodge Ram is a proud Wolverine.


The new movie stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen), Chris Hemsworth (James Kirk from JJ Abrams’ Star Trek) and Isabel Lucas — who we’re hoping doesn’t have a weird robot tail that emerges from her nether regions this time round. All those cast members sound great, but we’re puzzled by the absence of the 1978 Chevrolet K-10 Cheyenne.

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My grandfather, a WWII veteran who was a glider co-pilot during the war(also known as a glider crasher, but I digress) took me to see the original Red Dawn in the theater. I found it, at the time, to be very dark and forboding with a grim vision of our future. After viewing it again recently, I found it still carried the message of a bleak future rather well with a few exceptions that dated it somewhat.

The Chinese were actually our allies during the faux-engagement with the Russians, the ones who were still alive. So, I'd be rather displeased with the plot changes required to "update" the film for more modern times, regardless of the new antagonist's origin. I also like how the original picture was almost an ensemble piece, utilizing several then-unknown actors who would almost all become Hollywood stars, if they hadn't already burst. Perhaps this could be the one saving grace of this reboot, but I'm keeping my hopes up despite the lack of commitment to the original.

I would also like to add that while my grandfather was not a sci-fi fan in any way, he also took me to see several films that he otherwise would never have seen, namely, The Empire Strikes Back and the original Back To The Future. He also took me to see The Final Countdown, about the modern aircraft carrier that went back in time to just before Pearl Harbor. Good times. I miss that gruff old man terribly.