Commenter Of The Day: Your Mom Just Poked Me Edition

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How many families are going to be ripped apart by Facebook? I'm not going to be the 1,203,471st person to tell you to get off of the social site (go here for why and here for how to do it without losing all your friends), but it's pretty clear everything went awry not when the company's leaders tore down any semblance of caring about privacy but when we started letting parents on the site. It's not their fault, really, but how we react to them. Either kids forget/don't imagine the implications of parental oversight on Facebook and get in serious trouble or react like assholes to their parent's intrusion. I had a friend be a total dick to his mom on the site for absolutely no reason, and everyone saw it. Your stupidity goes straight to the web and, well, I'll just let UnsilentMajority takeover.

Facebook and all of it's variants seem like such a complete waste of time...uh, hey Karla, no one really gives a shit that your dog is in the car with you, honestly. Austin, Zach and the other guys want to get in your pants so they responded to your bullshit, and Cristina and Sasha responded only because they hope you'll care about the bullshit that they posted. Do us a favor, will ya? Stop Facebooking, start being responsible behind the wheel, and find a useful hobby.


Also, wanna say thanks to all starred commenters for promoting comments. I wanna say "boooourns" to the starred commenteriat members who aren't encouraging discussion.