Commenter Of The Day: Yes, Thank You, We Knew That Edition

It's been something of an obvious day. We spent most of the afternoon with the TV on in the background, watching news anchors prattle on about snow-day this and OMGDrivingBad that. Most of this was done for entertainment, and not informational, reasons — like many people, we cannot stand televised news, and the absurd commentary ("Your house just burnt down, Sally Jim! How do you feel?") is part of the problem. Snowfall and civic disruption ("Your school day is canceled, Timmy Sue! How do you feel?") just add fuel to the fire.

In that light, Turboner's comment on The Joy of Night Driving was fitting. He reminded us that sometimes, even when it seems obvious, there is humor in, well, the obvious:


Yes, we know you didn't mean fishing. Who in the hell would mean fishing? What kind of fishing do you do that gets all . . . you know, dirty? And for that matter, how do we get some?

Thanks for the laugh. Now quit playing with that, er, rod and reel. You'll go blind.

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