Commenter Of The Day: Władysław Podkowiński Edition

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When people think of Impressionist painting they tend to think of French dudes like Monet and Cezanne whose portraits and landscapes cover the walls of the Art Institute of Chicago. Though the French deserve credit for Impressionism, the rest of the world followed the style set forth by the near-sighted Frenchmen. The style spread from San Francisco to Istanbul, from Cairo to San Juan, and even to Warsaw, Poland, where painter Władysław Podkowiński embraced the form. His most famous work is, arguably, Szał Uniesień (or A Frenzy of Exulting), which was fairly well received by the Polish audience. His most notorious painting is probably Ecstasy, which was shown in Warsaw for about a month before Podkowiński decided he didn't like it anymore and ripped it to shreds with a knife, though we've never understood quite why he decided to attack his own work. He died soon after of TB, at the age of only 29, so it is possible he was just going nuts. Or, you know, maybe he was inebriated. Today's reveal of the 2009 Nissan Cube, which has yet to be shredded by its designer, had Boosted Lego Wagon thinking about the impression the Cubist vehicle left on him.

Cubism: when you don't have the Monet for something with a little more Gogh. I wonder how much for the all-Cezanne tires and rubber floor Matisse.

All we can say is ZUT ALOR!