There is so much about Wilford Brimley that you didn't know. For instance, he was at one time a bodyguard for the one and only Howard Hughes. How did he get his break in Hollywood? He used to shoe horses for movies and television shows before getting work as an extra and a stuntman. He's 19,000 years old. He actively opposed the banning of cockfighting, guy loves cockfighting. He's also a supporter of John McCain.

And as you all know, he's got diabetes. Thus it took only a few seconds for someone to draw the connection in Thud's post about the diabetes-tracking car. Hats off to SundaySunday for making it funny:

That's really a cool device. However, I'm imagining an additional module that brings Wilford Brimley's voice booming into the car, bloviating for the driver to:

"Buckle up and check your blood sugar and check it often. And turn off your left turn signal, it's been going for the past 3.6 miles."

We can make fun of old people, because they don't have computers. Right?