Anyone watching the Dow Jones Industrial Average go up and down today has seen that it's been quite a ride. One could even call it a wild one. If you're one of those people who didn't jump off of something, that is. The day started down about 700 points and then, without much in the way of impetus, it shot up almost 300. It looks like the day will end up down, but no more than around 100 points. Why is the market so crazy? Because nobody knows anything. Just to be clear: no one knows anything. Why did it happen? Jim Cramer? No. It's because people bought houses they couldn't afford. It's because of Wall Street greed. Main Street Greed. It's because we had a system built on exotic securitizations. Who knows? Nobody knows. If you don't like a wild ride, don't watch. Speaking of wild rides, Benji shared some pictures of Tamara Ecclestone baring all for PETA and, after all the jokes, Dwhite summed up for us the other harsh reality of the week.

She will not be seen in North America.

Yep, you're cruelly right. No more for North America. [Chart Source: Google Finance]