Commenter Of The Day: What Kind Of Day It Has Been Edition

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There's a strange convention with all of Aaron Sorkin's TV shows, where he ends the first season with an episode entitled "What Kind Of Day It Has Been." In Sports Night it's the signaling of a positive direction for the show and the relationships of the people on it, in The West Wing someone gets shot, and for Studio 60 someone doesn't get shot. The point is, like Chekhov's quip about firearms in plays, people expect season finales to be big events worth remembering. We'll ignore Sorkin's obvious antipathy for bloggers for a second, and apply the title to these last few weeks at Jalopnik. It's been insane, obviously, and were it not for the humor and interactions of the readers here it would have been much harder to get through. Other sites may have commenters, but we clearly have a community here. A strange one, but a community no less. And by all objective measures it's a growing one. So thanks for sticking around and making this a fun place to be. At this point, I should link to a thoughtful, existential comment about life. Honestly, I just needed a laugh and Jakebonz's comment about the rainbow of Brembos made me giggle.

Black: +2hp
Silver: +1hp
Red: +10hp
Yellow: +20hp

Cheers everyone.

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worst. COTD. ever.