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Commenter Of The Day: Wedding Dancing Edition

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The most insightful comment I've heard about dancing at weddings — probably stolen from another source — is that there are two kinds of people: those that dance and those that wish they were dancing. This is my feeling as well, and I am almost always in the former category. I'm not a great dancer, but at weddings I try to dance enthusiastically regardless of how much alcohol I've consumed. It really makes the reception. At my wedding I told all my groomsman my only requirement is they get on the dance floor so when the first song played they all ran up to dance. People thought it was a coordinated dance. And I have a few favorite songs: "Cupid Shuffle", "Give Up The Funk" and, of course, "Brick House" by The Commodores. A song you need to get to understand JuanOxido's ref about drunk tank drivers.


She has a brick house
Mighty Tank just knocking it all out
She had a brick house
The lady's tracked and that's a fact,
ain't nothing holding the vodka back.


You really can't have too many commodores on one page.

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Fred Smith

as matt said, we can't have too many commondores on one page.

for your COTD, here is your prize, the holden commondore-based HSV maloo ute.