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The Volvo 780 is one of the those cars you rarely see on the road but always notice. Designed by Bertone, it is one of only a handful of true Volvo coupes (Bertone, of course, designed the previous iteration). Though not a fast car by European coupe standards, a later GT example came equipped with an independent rear suspension, 200 HP turbo Volvo powerplant and a four-speed manual transmission. Despite remaining brick-like, the Volvo 780 stands out as one of the best looking Volvos of the era. When production ceased in 1990 there were fewer than 10,000 of them made. As much as we appreciate advanced technology, it just isn't as much fun without good design. That's what JDuffy13 seemed to think in our NASA Lunar Rover post.

The lines absolutely suck on this thing! Hire some bloody Italian designers already will you NASA? Wow, more American automobile drivel. It's like one step away from the Corvette. Blech!


We're not 100% sure he's being sarcastic.


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