Commenter of the Day: Viking Senior Citizens Edition

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Once again, Doctor Loverman is busy (no doubt performing a heart massage using a dirty toilet plunger), and so the duty of selecting the COTD falls to me. Today we had a chorus of huzzahs for this commenter's observation about Teutonic methods of keeping the elderly from slowing society down, and we're giving the latest Commenter of the Day award in accordance with the will of the mob.

Yes, No_Slushbox's observation on the story of the German man who spaced on his car at the gas station and walked home inspired us all to break out our Opeth albums and harden our hearts against the needs of senior citizens:

Letting old people keep their licenses in a country with no speed limits is how the Germans get rid of the elderly, kind of like how the Norwegians push the elderly out on flaming boats while listening to death metal.

Never mind that I once managed to leave a pickup at a gas station at age 25, (in my defense, it was a post-gig roadie situation with a whole fleet of half-running beaters and we didn't leave any gear behind in the forgotten truck). That was different! Don't put me on the boat!

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Me thinks since we're talking about music, may I kindly suggest the black metal band Immortal ([])? I guess there are more grim and frostbitten readers awaiting the return of the necrowizard.