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Rush Limbaugh was described best to me as, "Your paranoid, self-loathing uncle who screams into his attic ham radio about imaginary injustices. Yet for some for some reason he's taken seriously." Before you slap me with the "Lib!" badge, I would ask you to spend an afternoon with my uncle. All of which brings us around nicely to today's winning Commenter. The problem with stereotypes is that they always fail miserably. Don't get me started about the gay Eskimo I knew who drove a gold Jag XJ-12.

Today's QOTD asked what you would do with a 260-hp, 260 lb-ft 2.0-liter turbocharged Ecotec motor if you were General Motors. And somehow that devolved into what Andrewpetty had to say:

Hint: It's because GM builds garbage and then sells it to idiots who listen to country music and have sex with their cousins while talking about how great it would be if all the jews were dead.


Are we rewarding failure or shaming the silly? A little from column A and B I suspect. And just so no one gangs up too hard on Mr. Petty, he already emailed me to apologize. Apparently, his Chevy Suburban is on the fritz. Let me restate that, his Chevy.

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