The position of Traveling Secretary for a baseball team is sometimes misunderstood. The Traveling Secretary isn't a secretary who travels with the team but rather the person in charge of traveling logistics such as booking plane tickets, finding hotel rooms (for a group of 100 to 200 people), arranging tickets for players, getting equipment and people back-and-forth, and making sure the media gets where they need to go. George Costanza was assistant to the Traveling Secretary of the New York Yankees, until he was traded to Tyler Chicken for chicken snacks. The Traveling Secretary for the Boston Red Sox was thrown to the ground by Manny Ramirez when he said it might be difficult to get 16 tickets, day of, to their game with the Houston Astros in Houston. Some say it's the hardest job in sports, though Tiberiuswise tends to think announcing Carl Edwards' NASCAR races may be even harder.

Here comes the number 99 car, no wait, it's number 66, no, I'm sorry, it's number 99, wait, now it's number 66.