We can't tell you how pleased we are with the response to that trollop Murilee's comparo test between the Audi R8 and '92 Honda Civic. Cause he's not an automotive journalist, he's a doctor of automotive journalism. And as his attorney, I'm advising my client to do it again! Do it again! We also advise reading through the comments. However, while great, none of them win. No, today's winner invoked one of our favorite all time quotes from Mr. Groucho Marx, "I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member." If you remember your Annie Hall, that joke's the crux of Borscht Belt humor. So, make the jump, please!

Today's winner comes from today's Fantasy Garage entry. I found it an especially worthy COTD, as the more research I did on the Royales, the more I came to realize that they are some of the absolutely most fantastic machines ever constructed, that my write up does them no justice, the pictures are no good, etc. Sensing what I sensed, TR3-A said:

I voted "no" for one reason only: Not that the car isn't worthy of Fantasy Garage but that Fantasy Garage is not worthy of it. Sorry.


Exactly right.