Commenter of the Day: Torquemada Edition

Tomás de Torquemada, mastermind of the Spanish Inquisition, scourge of heretics, all around bad dude, and of course the man whose name gave us the term we use to measure the transmission of engine power to the drivetrain and wheels. Actually, we made that last bit up, but "torque"—such a cool word. And a concept that was abundantly in evidence in our big-bad diesel truck-pullin' post today. Open something like that up for commentary and you've got yourself a Sidecar Willy kinda moment. And so, to the meat of the matter.


Rust-MyEnemy was as impressed by the sooty output of the "screaming Cummins" as we were. But the ballsy torque talk settled it for us:

Wow. Even the truckest of trucks struggle to throw that much black clag in the air.

Trillions of pounds foot.

It's good to torque.

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