Borrowing heavily from established post mortem redemption films like Defending Your Life, with a touch of Freejack and Quantum Leap thrown in for good measure, we've got a great idea for a film. Developed over a weekend driving around with a good friend of Jalopnik, the plot is thus: rally racer dies in a tragic accident and goes to purgatory. There, a heavenly judge decides the driver most go back to earth and drive from town-to-town helping people until he earns his way into heaven. Along the way he's checked up on by a ghostly angel parole officer played by Mick Jagger. It's called Time Trials. We're looking for investors and, according to My Favorite Car Is A Motorcycle, a certain Chrysler exec might be a good start.

*** TOP SECRET ***

The Bob Nardelli Plan to Save Chrysler/My Ass

1) beg Obama for some dough to buy time
1) update Golden Parachute provision of employment contract

2) stop paying suppliers, start axing workers. use cash for dowry with next suitor.

3) sell facilities and engineering to lowest highest bidder sucker. Retain rights to "It's a Jeep Thing, You Wouldn't Understand" bumper stickers ... it's the only thing that makes money.

4) skim off a few million to private Swiss bank account. Swiss guys might talk. Install private vault in basement of vacation home.

5) have secretary translate this Italian document from those nice guys in Turin. It says " fa un cuolo"...

6) 9 holes of golf with Wagoner this evening. Palm Springs this week, Scotland next week.

7) have wifey redecorate the vacation home; need to add a few more rooms and enhanced security system. Hire guards.


Oh, and we'll get Albert Brooks to play the Judge.