Commenter Of The Day: Theophilus London Edition

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If it weren't for the anachronistically-named mixtape I'm not 100% sure I'd need an Internet connection (okay, it's sort of important for work). This week I was really looking forward to the new one dropping from NY rapper/producer Theophilus London. His last mixtape was This Charming Mixtape — a nod to Elvis Costello and the power of a beat machine. When I heard his new mixtape was to be called I Want You I presumed it was another Costello ref, but the sample is actually Marvin Gay. Still pretty good, and a clever way to play with expectations. Still, I'm a bit bummed. It may beat "My Volvo" for production quality, but it has nothing on Bentoboxx and an XJ.


Yo, check it
Straight 6 up front
Weird cloth on the seats
Nobody notices
when I drive down the street
Don't call it a wagon
Call it a Cherokee
You won't find its picture
on that site by Hardigree
Women think its ugly
Call it a Toad
285,000 miles
and its still on the road

Ridin in my XJ
It will hold 10 bags of groceries and 35 Cheese Trays!
Ridin in my XJ
If ya squint it looks awesome, kinda like a Monet
Ridin in my XJ
I broke 2 window switches and somehow lost the Ashtray
Ridin in my XJ
It will still be running long after
I'm dead and gone away!

Imagine if it had a 5.0.


Jonathan Harper

My Volvo has a slant five...but FINE.

Good show.