Commenter Of The Day: Thea Edition

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Shows that take place in Houston are, for some reason, always about single woman. Specifically, single moms. The new show Chase has a single U.S. Marshall. Reba, famously, has a divorced Reba McEntire raising three kids (and Barbara Jean, whi is childish enough as it is). Why does Dallas get playboy single men and Houston gets single women? Not sure, but I can tell you it started with the show Thea, about a single African American mom raising a brood of children after her husband dies. The show was mostly unremarkable and canceled after a season, but it did feature actress/singer Brandy before she was famous, as well as two writers from the family guy. It did have one of my all time favorite nonsense tv show parenting lines. When one of her kids complains about being sent to his room and having no authority despite being the oldest male in the household, and thus the president of the house, she exclaims. "Fine, then to the capitol!" That's great parenting. Certainly on par with the Audi R8 two-year old's dad. Although, Patman sees a reason why he might actually be worse.

Horrible, irresponsible parenting. In don't care if it does have provisions for front child seats, I don't care if he's doing this on lightly trafficked roads in daylight with good visibility, not taking significant risks with acceleration or cornering. She's two and he's modeling terrible behavior during a impressionable, imprintable time in her life. He's driving a flappy paddle auto-box, for gods sake.



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Congratulations, Mr. patman, on todays' COTD. I would like to present you with this black Audi. This lovely lady will drive it to you in two weeks' time. Hilarious comment, Sir!