Commenter Of The Day: The Ted McGinley Syndrome Edition

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It can't be easy to be Ted McGinley. He's done nothing wrong, as far as we know, and yet he's the perpetual "new Becky." It all started with his first big break as Roger Phillips, a replacement for Ron Howard's Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. Despite holding the role for four years people still associated him with the show's downfall. He also appeared as a character in both Dynasty and Love Boat before those shows disappeared forever. Notably, McGinley was also a replacement on the television show Married... With Children but ended up on the show longer than the actor he replaced. Most recently, he played a pivotal early role on Sports Night, which then died a premature death.


This is a long way of saying we've got a new editor, though we like to think of him as a new character in a show with a long future, like when McGinley played Mark Gottfried on The West Wing. That is if you all don't scare him off first. As Mike The Dog says:

Welcome aboard, Andrew! Please don't be afraid of the commenters, we are (in the words of Douglas Adams) mostly harmless. Except maybe Polar. That boy ain't right, but we like him anyway (or is it because?).


We think Andrew has the stuff to not only endure the random POLAR lyrics, but also enjoy them like we do.

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Totally off the subject, the Jump the Shark website has a Ted McGinley section.

I could skin him for his association with Sports Night. That was the tightest show I've ever seen.