In the Catholic church it is taught omission, the choice not to do or say something correct, is itself a sin if the lack of action is intentional. Making omission an outright sin is a predominately Catholic doctrine, but the idea itself is ecumenical. Most branches of the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches recite a confession of contrition which seeks forgiveness for acts done and not done. It isn't just a religious issue either. The Nuremberg Trials developed this concept further by claiming military commanders are responsible for acts committed by inferiors if they failed to prevent or prosecute such conditions. Some would argue the Senate committed an act of omission last night, which likely led to suppliers omitting parts and, as flyingstich knows, other omissions could soon follow.

Coming soon, the Chrysler 30 C and Dodge Ave g r.

Apparently, Chrysler will be limited to one "0" per car.

[Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images]