Commenter of the Day: The Love Song of J. Lieberman Edition

We figured there'd be snappy reaction to Murilee's post earlier today regarding Loverman's new assignment. The commenters did not disappoint (like they ever do!). We'll just allow you to enjoy the winner, plain 'n simple.


However, before we get to that, let's just take a sec to appreciate Murilee's mojo, via the comments from another post, on the demographically charged Volvo 240. This is from Novaload:

@MURILEE — Your writing is so good we may seem to take it for granted by not praising it often enough. The first paragraph is what—120 words?—but is a concise, witty and insightful analysis of an entire auto demographic. You nailed it.

But back to the matter at hand, our Valentine's Day COTD, which is a sort of a Valentine itself. It's Viergang Fuchs who receives the honors today, with this gem:

Loverman going from Jalop to TTAC? That's like when T.S. Eliot left The Criteron to write for Shaved Asians!

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