Earlier today we linked to photos revealing the, probably, European version of the refreshed 2010 Ford Transit Connect. The source was the website BurlappCars, formerly The Hollywood Extra. The site is run by Vince Burlapp, who claims to be a professional extra/Gemini, and looks like something designed purely to be a vehicle for Google ads. He never links to sources, making his stuff impossible to verify. He makes strange videos. He likes to wear a wig and fake teeth. He's often very wrong. Despite all of this, he gets press cars to review and, on rare occasion, has some real breaking news. He is the kind of enigma you only find in this profession or in Hollywood. Still, we have Mad_Science to thank for pointing out the real purpose he serves.


Finally, a car site with a more confusing name than Jalopnik.

What? It's Jalopy + Beatnik. What's not to get?