Commenter Of The Day: The Flying Nun Edition

If you ever want to approximate the experience of being drunk without actually ingesting anything I suggest you watch, or have someone explain to you the premise of, an episode of The Flying Nun with Sally Field. She's a nun! She's so tiny she flies! She's in Puerto Rico! Because she can fly (when she's wearing her habit) she can fix any problem, though, it turns out she always ends up causing lots of problems because of this trait. It's hard to understand. What's confusing is how the show was ever allowed to be made in the first place (it got three seasons). They had to put Sally Field at the end of a crane to make some of the shots work and, early on, Sally Field became pregnant. This made things difficult considering the show was premised on her being a flying nun, which requires lack of weight and intercourse. Something also confusing to some is the success of bus-driving John Madden, a person Alfisted has confused with the flying nun.

He still rides that damn bus? I figured he turned his eyebrows into the wind and drifted to his destination.


There's not enough wind in the world.

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