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Though popular history tends to look at World War II as a fairly straightforward conflict between democracy and fascism it's far more complicated than that. When the Soviets and the Americans met on the Elbe they partied as allies, which was such a distressing sight to the Germans that one shot himself in the head in front of a partying group of soldiers from Omaha and Siberia. The democracy in Britain actually declared war on the democracy in Finland as part of their allied stance with the Russians and against the Germans. The Finns decided they were better off not allying themselves with the Russians and actually helped the Germans with intelligence and offered a place to launch planes in their attacks on the British. The sad story of a Veyron crash in a british wheat field brought together memories of other alliances for Ash78.

Hope that field is clear of foot & mouth disease, because apparently heel & toe disease is running rampant. In other news, this isn't the first time that Italian-German hardware has created a mess in an English field.


[Photo: V. Hollming/AFP/Getty Images, the story here]

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