Commenter Of The Day: That Was The Week That Was Edition

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Before The Daily Show or The Colbert Report or even Weekend Update, there was That Was The Week That Was devised by British producer Ned Sherrin and presented by none-other-than Sir. David Frost. Satire, Britain's best and most successful weapon, had typically been the dagger of writer's like Waugh and the boys on Fleet Street. Until this show, the medium of television had never been used to s pointedly attack government or society. Rather than being subtle, the program took directly to attacking, with humor, the members of the political establishment. Writers on the show included John Cleese and Eric Idle, who would go on to mock Frost on their own show during the "Timmy Williams Coffee Time" sketch. Frost's attitude aside, it broke the dam of the kind of humor we do today and for that we're grateful. We're also grateful to Sir Not Appearing for his delightful haiku of the week that was.

A Week in Review (A Haiku)

Erstwhile carmakers
Eulogized, car people weep
Jez/Jalop mix: Fail.

Mur'lee on weekends
Ray Wert is on my tv
Wes has a nice ass.

Does this make me David Frost?


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