Commenter Of The Day: Tell Them I Work At A Bank Edition

Being a cop isn't always easy. Like being a priest or a comedian, you're sort of always on. For that reason one of my family members who is also a police officer will pretend like he's got other jobs when in the company of strangers. It's just easier in some situations. For instance, when going out drinking with some of my college friends he told me to tell them he worked at a bank. No one asks questions. This turned out to be a wise move a few hours later when underage friends-of-friends I didn't like but didn't particularly hate successfully ordered alcohol with a fake I.D. Normally, a cop should care if a 20-year-old is getting beer. But someone who works at a bank doesn't care. Staying in school might get you an Audi, but nick2ny thinks there's a better way.


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