I've heard, but cannot be bothered to verify, that the TV envirocartoon Captain Planet is what Ted Turner considers to be his life's greatest achievement. It's an amazing claim until I think about how brainwashed I personally was by the cartoon. I still cut up discarded six-pack rings, I recycle, and I think "heart" is one of the essential earth elements.The best thing about the show, other than the ridiculous environmentalism, was the guest stars voiced the bad guys! Martin Sheen, James Coburn, Dean Stockwell, and even Meg Ryan all played evil anti-earthers. Would they hate the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento for its lightweight cred or love it for its fuel gulping V10? We don't know, but we do love Sesto's comment.


Captain Lambo
He's our hero
Gonna take Pagani down to zero
He's a Murci magnified
And he's fighting on the Germans' side

Captain Lambo
He's our hero
Gonna take Ferrari down to zero
Gonna help him keep weight down
Unlike a Lotus weighing four thousand pounds

You'll pay for this, Captain Lambo!

We're carbon engineers!
You can be one too!
'Cause obsessive weight saving is the thing to do!

Non-composite bodies are not the way!
Hear what Captain Lambo has to say!

"The lightness is YOURS!"