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None of us want to ever complain about our jobs as, we're sure, there are tens of thousands of people out there that would take them in a second. So that being said, please allow us a quick moment of professional discontent as we envy Ben and his Dukakis moment. While we're out tooling around in Yukon Denalis, Foresters and STii, The KILLWOJDYLER (thanks elhigh) is reviewing a freaking R/C Tank. There were lots of great comments today, but if you think we're going to give them all play again you're crazy.


The inside joke of the piece is Ben's review, which takes our current three-part review structure and sort of turns it on its head. Understanding this, Graverobber takes it to the next logical Jalopnik step with this question:

Are you going to do a "part 2" tomorrow where you ask "What does this button do?" and then blow a hole in the green dumpster?


We resent the implication that any of us would do anything dangerous in a car/truck/military vehicle we were reviewing. Everyone hear that? We are responsible adults. Now where the hell is that fire button, anyways?

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