Commenter Of The Day: T.G.I.F. Edition

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You ever had one of those weeks? Those knock-down, drag-out, pull-ya-under kind of weeks? A week that literally sucks the will to live right out from you? Yeah, you know what we're talking about. We had one of those weeks this week. Even having Monday off wasn't enough for us. The rest of the week just more than made up in badness. Which is why we were thankful as all get out that today was the last day of the work week. Not only because we'd made it through it, but because we saw a comment at the end of the day that helped remind us why we put in the long hours, why we put up with the silly politics and why we do what we do.


We've been told Dave Schaible's one helluva good crew chief, and if you didn't already know that, all you need is one look at Hellhammer's Caddy-Powered Model T to know it's one helluva cool piece of art. Such a smooth rat rod was necessary to help pull our good friend b.borman out from whatever rock he'd crawled under to remind us it's gems like this that keep us going:

I'd gone back to lurking and not commenting for a few months now...moving and whatnot..

But hot damn! This anti-magnificent, anti-cutting edge, rough-shod, blood carved wonder has forced me to break the vow of silence.

Hellhammer, you are our id.

And he's right — it is what drives us. Thanks dude, we needed that.


@Mad_Science: Nah, this is the "real" job, and thanks for, you know, the backhanded compliment. ;)