Commenter Of The Day: Sword Of Orion Edition

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As one of the brighter objects in the sky, the Orion Nebula has been an object of much study and fascination for thousands of years. This is part of the Orion constellation and in early astronomical texts it's called Ensis, which is latin for sword, and is part of the "sword of orion" even though it technically isn't a star. As a nebula it is a huge cloud of gas, dust and debris lit by hot young stars pumping energy into the cloud. It's also bright because, on an astronomical scale, it's close to earth. Look in the sky tonight towards the south-southeast and you'll see the belt. From there go up and you'lll see it. We were a little out of this world today and TR3-A wasn't exactly able to triumph in bringing is back to earth.

Naw, it was a failed attempt by the Beings of Light in the Orion Nebula trying to open a space portal. They either aren't very good at it or it is harder than we think. This isn't the first time. Happened to a friend of mine years ago. They found the car but not him. She was lucky.


Or was she? Maybe she likes probes.

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