Grocery stores are designed to make you pass through as many aisles of stuff you'd only buy on an impulse to get to things you need, like milk or Makers Mark. All the best rides at Disney World are behind six or seven miles of stores selling crap merchandise and overpriced eateries. Our world is designed to make getting where we need as inefficient and profitable as possible. This was a topic of some discussion in today's post suggesting the Ten Best Things To Do While Sitting In Traffic, with Thrashy pointing out that our suburban environments are also like this as well and recommending a congestion-enduring activity:

Curse and threaten the unknown but almost certainly bought and paid for by the Chamber Of Commerce traffic engineer responsible for the timing and frequency of the lights.

The Cheesecake Factory does NOT need its own intersection!

That must be why Shaq parks so far away. ExxonMobil keeps getting all his cheese.


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