Commenter Of The Day: Sticks And Stones Edition

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It's been quite the busy day today, with a lot of name-calling back-and-forth over the Chevy Volt and the debate over what GM's been calling it this whole time. There's also been some debate over whether or not Vince Vaughn crossed the line in being portrayed as cool by using the world "gay" as a pejorative. Xequar takes the pen-is-mightier approach and uses logic to beat some learnin' into those who say it's no big deal.

For all those dismissing this and saying it's no big deal, let's compare...

Electric cars are so (pejorative for blacks).
Acceptable or not?

Electric cars are so (pejorative for Jewish people).
Acceptable or not?

Electric cars are so (pejorative word for Asian, specifically Chinese, people).
Acceptable or not?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you obviously haven't been part of civilized society for the last several decades.

If you answered no, then surely you could see why this little quip in a major Hollywood production would be offensive to gay people. If not, imagine listening to elected officials, your peers, your religious leaders, and your family telling you you're stupid and worthless and damned to hell and perverted because you're gay. Imagine hearing that all the time, and then add crap like this bit into the mix, and then try telling me it's not offensive or insulting.

And for anyone that says I'm being too sensitive or that this isn't a big deal, fuck you. I was at the receiving end of anti-gay bullying for the entirely of my childhood, so yeah, I'm sensitive to it. When kids aren't jumping off the George Washington bridge or hanging themselves because of anti-gay bullying, then maybe you could assert that I'm being too sensitive. Until then, shut the fuck up. Gay does not mean stupid, period


You're right, "gay" and "stupid" should never be synonymous. Would you accept "the new Lotus company direction" as an alternative?