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Commenter Of The Day: Stereotypes Edition

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Most modern, advanced people want to avoid stereotypes. Few people enjoy being pigeonholed because of their appearance, profession or manner of speaking. Being a native of Texas I was once asked, while at a journalism convention as a teenager in New York, how many horses I owned. I have no accent. I'm from a suburb. I have no horses. Most of my friends didn't have horses. The flip side of this is that some stereotypes are true. Had that same person asked me if I liked enchiladas smothered in gravy or spent too much time thinking about football I'd have had to have said "yes." That's the biggest problem with stereotypes: they're often true. Today we got a look into the Camaro SS ordering process and WheatKing took us through some worn but typically true stereotypes.

And this is why GM fails.. too many damn options.. It should just read like the following Secretary / Rental - v6 automatic, cloth, power group MILF - v6 auto, leather, power Redneck - v8 stick, 4.11 posi, drag radials, cloth, sunroof, rebel flag graphics Douche - v8 auto, glasspacks, power everything, ipod jack, leather, yellow. autojournalist - hand built v8 w/performance ecu - stick, 2 hookers, red roof inn reservation, extra smoke producing tires, extra benjamins in gaps in the plastic interior...


We personally like having all the options and are of the "perfect Pepsis" philosophy, though as auto journalists we have to admit we love hookers and V8 power. [Photo: NBC]

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

No sir, rednecks have glass packs, it's all we can afford. Trust me, mine was free and look at what it's on...

It's those damn rich douches that can afford the Flowmasters.