Commenter Of The Day: Stefan Richter Edition

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If you watched as much Top Chef: New York as most of us did, you became familiar with Finnish ex-pat Stefan Richter and his phallic head. We're going to save the spoilers, feel free to read here if you want to know what happened, but Stefan made it into the finals. From the beginning, you knew he would make it into the finals even if you were pulling for someone else. He's got talent. It's clear to people watching who can't even taste his food. Personally, our pick for Top Chef is Carla. She's got passion. She's got skill. She's got soul. She's a touch insecure in a way talented people often are. Stefan isn't insecure. He's as cocky as his shiny dome. He's got power. Lots of it. He'll overwhelm you with it. Much like the Bugatti Veyron Centenaire, which, if Dearthair is right, was cooked up from similarly outrageous personalities.

I can only imagine the conversation in Volkswagenzentralkommandantur about this car.

"Vell look, it's obviously 'batshit insane', but is it really 'batshit insane' enough? What more can ve do?"

"Jesus fuck, ve've given it sixteen fucking cylinders and four turbochargers already, what more do you vant from us?"


"...I like the vay you think, Hans."

Seriously, though. Carla is the only person we'd forgive for driving a Venza.


Photo Credit: Bravo TV