Poor Gary Coleman. Did you know that he once ran, albeit half-jokingly, for governor of California? Until recently, I didn't either. Above all else, this is a man we should remember — although he spent most of his life unhappy, he wasn't the kind of guy to dwell on it. I can respect that.

Sadly, while Coleman's joke never got old — the "Whatchu' talkin' bout, Willis?" shtick still makes me laugh, even though I know it's lame — he did. He didn't age much, but he got old. Thankfully, we have the Internet to keep him alive. (If I can call up a picture of Coleman and the Hoff on five seconds' notice, the man must be forever.) Jokes often die quickly on the 'net, but some are eternal.

Budweiser's "Real Men of Genius" campaign is one of the latter. Strega07 read Doug Siddens's tale of tackling Pikes Peak in a UTV and dropped Siddens into the form:

Old, yes. But still funny. (Willis! Are you not entertained?!?)