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There are beds and then there are beds. And given the space requirements that many of us face, the truly greatest bed of all, the king-size, is but a distant aspiration. It suggests things. Fun, naughty things. Things you can do when you have some room to maneuver. At least it did for one Jalopnik commenter, responding to our post today on the Aston Martin Vantage RS.


COTD goes to PhoneticLorin, for this tidbit of pleasure and sultry hair-band evocation, brought about by the ample curve of the Aston's engine covering:

That hood is the size of a king-sized bed and makes me want to slither around on it Tawny-Kitaen-style. Yum.


Yes, we thought about calling this COTD the "Whitesnake Edition," but then we looked into Ms. Kitaen's recent history, and it's kinda sad, and although we appreciate the entirely fitting reference in this case, COTD is meant to perpetuate happiness.

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