The first of the Richard Pryor/Gene Wilder films, Silver Streak is not the best (that would be Stir Crazy), but it's still hilarious and features two comedians on top of their game. Also it takes place on trains. We love trains. It's sort of a reminder that, in the '70s and '80s you could look ridiculous and still be a sex symbol if you were funny (ahem, Elliot Gould). I mean, who could imagine Wilder as Willy Wonka before he made the role his? Today, you need to start your career when you're 11 if you want to get a show. So good luck on that new Top Gear rival Ben Collins, but Middleswine doesn't think it'll happen and shares why in his best crazy Wilder voice.

"In a way you can see from comments that Jeremy [Clarkson] has made that he doesn't have that kind of respect for people behind the scenes."

This guy needs to shut up and go away. He was playing the character of The Stig. He wasn't a presenter, he wasn't the lead in any segment of the shows besides his hot laps. That's it. That's why Clarkson made the comments as harsh as he did - because Collins didn't, and still doesn't get it. You were supposed to be a voiceless, tame racing driver who scorched lap times in whatever car they gave you and occasionally show up as a bit part in a random challenge. Nothing more, nothing less.

To Ben Collins all I have left to say is this:

You get nothing. You Lose! Good day, sir!