Everyone has a favorite primary character in HBO's earth-shatteringly good drama The Wire β€” usually Omar, Bubbles, Stringer, or one of the detectives. Because the show is so good, everyone has a favorite secondary character. Our favorite secondary character has to be Senator Clay Davis, an unrepentant cheat who is the embodiment of everything you already believed about crooked politicians. While some of this revolves around his realistic portrayal, the main selling point has to be his catchphrase "Sheeeeeeeeeiiit," given numerous times through the series. Additionally, people like his simple, hilarious quotes, such as the Blagovian refrain: "I'll take the money if muthafuckas are just giving it away." No one is giving away a steampunk Camaro, but TyrannosaurusWRX thinks there wouldn't be many takers.

I think one theory best sums this up:

"A car is officially shit if you would not take it for free"

For example, there are some cars that I would never, even if it meant walking everywhere, buy, but gladly take for free. I fucking hate the Prius. Would I take one for free? 'Course. Its a free fucking car.


No thanks.

It's a bold statement, because we'd take any free Camaro and convert it into a mean LeMons racer, 9,000-lap penalty be damned.