I used to listen to the band CAKE frequently and often noted, mostly to myself, there were many oblique or direct references to Satan. It's obvious in songs like "Satan Is My Motor" and "Sheep Go To Heaven" but a demonic force is also present more indirectly in songs like "Opera Singer" and "Hem Of Your Garment." An obsession with the soul is as much as sign of strong religiosity as it is with Satanism and I don't think they're Satanists, but it's odd and I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice. I don't think this Asshat parker is one, either, but apparently Chariman Kaga is. Who knew?

Oh come off your high horse, people. Can't you sympathize with the guy? Getting your morning grande mocha through the window of an Exige? Tell me, and be honest, who WOULDN'T do what he did here? And you call yourselves enthusiasts.

Besides, most people with handicapped placards are just liberal fakers, anyway. He's doing society a favor.

Oh, and hail Satan.