Some of you may have noticed that yours truly has recently moved to Houston, which is target Numero Uno for this Ike fellow, who I assume is of Latin descent... though he could also be Assyrian. I've never been good with names. Either way, I've had the chance to grab some beer, canned tuna and follow my own How To Escape A Hurricane By Car advice and relocate further inland. I'll be cool and, should internet and power access provide, I'll be posting. If you're in the path of this storm, be smart and follow the instructions of local government so you don't die. Speaking of death, we asked about your highest speed and got quite the serious, but seemingly sincere, response from PolishDon.

Yep. Both "high speed" times involved a death. The Lincoln was my mother and the van was my father, 18 months apart. Now, I drive "normal" (yea, right) making 35 miles in under 20 minutes on an, almost, daily basis ! And that includes side streets I did have an 1987 Chrysler 5th ave (the old M body, 318 engine) that I flew in. My dad was being taken to the hospital, but I don't know how fast I was going. The odometer topped out at 80mph and the needle was pointing straight down, so probably 100+

Drive safely now, ya hear. [Photo: NOAA]