Commenter of the Day: Rumspringa Edition

As any humorist will tell you, humor is about juxtaposition. Amish people skiing? That can't be! Actually it can sort of be. Amish people doing stunts? That's ludicrous! Actually, thanks to Irishman — AARGH! that can be too, in our minds. The great Irishman sets the scene with characteristic Amish-sounding biblical names, Mordecai from Stephen King's Book of Esther and Ezekiel, from the Book of Really Expensive, Healthy-Sounding Bread From Whole Foods. Then, with just a few well-considered lines of dialogue, he sends the Amish duo on a fantastic voyage to preposterousville! In five, four three...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. . . .

Hey, Ezekiel! Speed up, eh? I'll never jump the buggy at this speed.

Damn it, Mordecai, I'm giving it all I got! I'm a farmer, not a racebuggy driver!

You've been reading Star Trek scripts again? Pa won't cotton to tha— AAAAAAAAAH!

The buggy rounds a corner and Mordecai, ignorant of the Law of Conservation of Angular Velocity, suddenly accelerates massively, hits a snow-covered bump and disappears into the overcast sky.


Remember, if you take any meetings on this script. We all get a percentage.

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Congratulations, Mr. Irishman, on your funny COTD! I know you like the Ford GT, so you'll have to make room in your garage for this red one. This girl is so excited about bringing it to you that her hair is standing on end. Good job, Sir! Oh.....she's not Amish.