Commenter of the Day: Ron Paul Edition

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My girlfriend has a friend who thinks he might be a libertarian. However, he wants drugs and prostitution legalized, then taxed. The revenue would go towards universal health care, education and free puppies. Or whatever. Man, would Ron Paul hate that. However, we think he would wholeheartedly endorse today's COTD.


Now, obviously sultry Murilee's Project Car Hell Haiku is one of the greatest posts in Jalopnik history. However, the winning Commenter does not hail from there. But he was inspired by it. Wes posted a follow up to the anti-truck nuts madness currently roiling the Commonwealth of Virginia. FatBraff mused:

Truck nuts are so dumb
Yet this law would be dumber
Viva la truck nuts

You just know that Dr. Paul is pleased.

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Jeff Glucker

@dearthair: Glad the office is empty... people would have seen my counting for no apparent reason, as I mouth the words to the haikus in my head...

Coffee is the key

to a productive worker

Jalopnik is not