Today, hump day, is still Japan Week here at the 'nik and we're enjoying it more than an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet served on a nude Ludivine Sagnier. No really, we are. This time, for no other reason than "we can," we're theming this post with Rodan. Well, maybe one other reason. Rodan liked to punch holes in things, right? Those claws of his would tear holes in Godzilla big enough to toss a cat through, wouldn't they? Why yes, I think they would. What does any of this have to do with today's #1 super best Commenter? You should make the jump and see...

The winning comment comes from my favorite Martin's Datsun 210 DOTS. Seems that orange-cream colored car made CafeRacer1200 a wee bit nostalgic:

It's sure been awhile. I remember not being able to swing a dead cat without hitting one, and later not being able to swing a dead cat without it sailing straight through a rust hole and into the nearest park bench.

Well said friend, very well said.