We knew exactly what we were in for when we showed everyone Ford's new graphic for their Scorpion engine: classic rock references. After all, we even made them ourselves. Hard not to, given Ford's frankly admirable decision to throw corporate dignity to the wind and fire up the ol' airbrush— and quite frankly, we're still not sure that's all they fired up. Whatever the case, it made for some darned fine witty repartee, and you should all be proud of yourselves, mostly. But to our mind, none was finer than philibuster's understated display of double-take inducing, time-release what'd-he-mean-by-that-ness, a simple quip that stayed with us all day:

If only Scorpion's music is as good as Scorpion's music.

Hey, whoever wins, we... win, I think.

Photo: Wikipedia