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Commenter Of The Day: Repossessing Christina Hendricks Edition

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Watching a music video at my age makes me feel terrifyingly nostalgic, as if I'm back watching the 13-inch Zenith in my bedroom where I could get a snowy feed of "Friday Night Videos" for my non-cable-subscribing modicum of hip. Most of the music videos I see now involve cartoon animals and singing backpacks, so every so often it's good to find an adult oasis, such as the Broken Bells' minifilm for "The Ghost Inside" featuring sci-fi Christina Hendricks getting her dreams slowly foreclosed. Another film I'd watch: wheatieboy's suggested follow-up on rental Caddy snow hoonage:

Next up: the Advanced class; the much harder to execute K turn.

The K-Turn can be accomplished by applying the lessons learned in previous classes.

1. Drive forward at 15 - 20 mph
2. Crank the wheel to the right
3. Crank the wheel back to the left while pulling up the e-brake
4. Once you've achieved a 130 degree rotation, release e-brake.
(Steps 2 - 4 are the e-brake turn from Session 1)
5. Drive forward
6. Execute another e-brake turn, this time with a 180 degree rotation
7. Turn left 45 degrees
8. Drive forward at 15 - 20 mph
9. Execute another 180 degree e-brake turn.
10. Drive forward at 15 - 20 mph
11. Execute another e-brake turn. This time rotate the car to the left, 130 degree. Ensure you have a complete understanding of the mechanics and timing of the e-brake turn as this maneuver is to be performed as a mirror image of the first e-brake turn (steps 2 - 4).
12. Drive forward at 15 - 2- mph.
13. Bring the car to a controlled and complete stop.

Please refer to your textbook. It may have an illustration. It may not depending on which printing you purchased.

Your final exam will be to complete the entire alphabet of emergency maneuver turns.