Commenter Of The Day: Relevance Edition

A key tenent of good journalism is relevance. Why would the reader care about a congressional bill. How does a new shopping mall affect the community? Where are the readers that care about this story? It's the reason why you don't read stories about the stock market in Sports Illustrated and ZZ Top in The Economist. It's a reason why you don't read many stories about Harry Truman anymore. Although we aren't always relevant to the specific day's news, it's the reason why this website isn't full of videos of sharks fighting monkeys (though that would be pretty awesome, now that we think of it). In today's post about a transvestite traffic cop reader c0de wondered about the relevance. We'd have mentioned that we occasionally write about legal issues related to driving, but mytdawg one-upped us before we even had a chance.

It was a faulty tranny...

Couldn't have said it better ourselves.


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