Commenter Of The Day: Reality Bites Edition

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Remember when Ben Stiller wasn't so full of himself you could actually stand watching him act? While we'll grant you he was quite funny last night channeling Phoenix, he's rarely as emotionally honest as he was in Reality Bites, one of the quintessential Gen X movies and his directorial debut. Shot in the lovely and wonderful Houston, Texas, the film captures the struggle of over-educated, under-impressed twentysomethings seeking work. Why does this film suddenly feel relevant again? The inability to form relationships, whether occupational or romantic, is yet another reminder of how emotionally stunted a childhood of SMURFS cartoons can be. As we learned from British_Looks_British_Reliability, we may want the FPV F6 E Concept, but the reality of the situation sort of bites.

Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, MI

To: Residents of the USA
Re: FPV (Australia)

You can have these when you learn to play nice. And by play nice, we mean stop buying the most boring vehicular appliance you can buy. And stop talking on your cell phones while driving.

Buy a Taurus SHO or three. Show us you like performance. Maybe then, we'll bring the FPVs over here. Of course, you'll probably just wrap one around a tree and sue us because it's too fast, too powerful, and doesn't warn you when you're about to spill your latte.

Now that we've had time to think about it, no, you can't have these, and we won't bring them here.