If there's a single voice associated with the cadence of a Marine drill instructor, it belongs to Robert Lee Ermey. A retired Marine, Ermey served as an instructor during the Vietnam war, and took some small roles in films as a technical advisor after the war. But it was late director Stanley Kubrick's decision to cast Ermey as the sadistic Hartman in "Full Metal Jacket" that cemented Ermey's singular role in pop culture. Since then, Ermey hasn't stopped acting, and occasionally does parts that don't involve shouting. Yet it's his drill sergeant's voice that's allowed him to become a one-man cottage industry and industrial-strength endorsement machine. Handguns, Tuppperware, insurance - if you need someone to GET THROUGH THE THICK SKULLS of viewers, Ermey's your man. As Desu-San-Desu showed in imagining Ermey's discussion of a certain acrobatic excavator:

You call that a push-up? My grandma's bra can do better than that on a rainy day! You make me sick, you rusty limp-treaded metal orangutan! I oughta rip off your arm and use it to whip your ass back into shape you pile of syphilitic scrap!

I've seen Tonka trucks show more grunt than that! All you're good for is excavating the turds out of my ass! If you wanna make it in these Corps you better redline your sorry exhaust when I tell you to! Now hit the dirt and give me twenty-five!